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Once again the Denbury Days website has been temporarily unavailable do to hacking of the website by idiots and those wishing to sell pharmacutical products etc. I have just spent the best part of Sunday bringing the site back online. This is now happening too often.
Unfortunately I have to ask all those who, at present, use (and like) the 'Guestbook' to post messages to move to the 'Denbury Days Forum' page'. I will soon have to remove the ability to create any new 'Guestbook' messages. The 'Guestbook' was designed by me years ago when hacking wasn't so prevelant. The 'Guestbook' message creation facility is very insecure and has to be ended. I know you all like the 'Guestbook' and is very simple to use but due to idiots out there it has to end - the ability to READ all old 'Guestbook' messages WILL remain so this will not be lost.
The new 'Denbury Days Forum' is different but holds many more useful features I am sure you will like once you become used to using it. The main difference is that you must now 'Register' for an account to use/view the Forum. This means that the site will be more PROTECTED by the use of a 'Username & Password'.
I hope this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience but PLEASE if you are experiencing any problems with the Forum to contact me via the 'Contact Owner' menu above. If you have any questions or thoughts about this then please let me know via the 'Contact Owner' menu or via email etc. I will gladly help you. (You may also leave a message in the Guestbook whilst the feature is still available. I welcome your comments...)

Went to the reunion last September had a great time meeting up with some old faces, will be there next year for the big one,hope to meet more of you old soldiers then.

Troop & Years:
Quadrant 63-65
Bedworth, Warks
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Date submitted:
Saturday, 11 December 2004 00:00
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